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Air Anomaly Smash
« en: Enero 13, 2019, 09:17:16 pm »
¡Feliz año nuevo 2019!

Estoy feliz de anunciar el PRIMERAir Anomaly Smash en el Planetside 2. Un evento centrado alrededor de la Alerta de Anomalías Aéreas. Se llevará a cabo en Jaeger y, a diferencia de los servidores LIVE, sera una experiencia aerea pura. Técnicamente, esto significa que los bloqueadores de tierra y las armas antiaéreas estaran prohibidos.

Habrá 2 facciones (NC vs TR) luchando entre sí por Amerish en dos alertas aéreas de 30 minutos y serán dirigidas por dos líderes aéreos con experiencia. Dado que solo los desarrolladores pueden generar anomalías aereas, también tendremos un DEV que los generará para nosotros.

El evento tendrá lugar el 02-MAR-2019 a las 20:00 UTC.

Las inscripciones de Outfit y Solo permanecerán abiertas desde hoy hasta el 17-FEB-2019 a las 23:59 UTC

Las reglas oficiales para este evento se pueden encontrar aquí

Por favor, asegúrese de unirse a la discordia Air Anomaly Smash para estar al día y poder ponerse en contacto con los organizadores.

Si tiene alguna pregunta, envíeme un PM de reddit o un mensaje a mí o Alpha_141 en la discord PaffDaddyTR#3417, Alpha_141#3218

Para saber cuantos vamos a estar interesados porfavor postead en este mismo ilo
¿¡Estamos rodeados!? ¡ahora si que no escaparan!


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Re:Air Anomaly Smash
« Respuesta #1 en: Enero 13, 2019, 09:19:26 pm »

Air Anomaly Smash Rules

Players may sign up as Solo Pilots or as an Outfit (4-12 players from the same Outfit).
If an outfit wants to bring more than 12 players they have to talk to the organizers about it.
Solo players and at least 1 representative player from every outfit are required to join the Anomaly Smash Discord.

Team Selection and Balancing
Teams will be balanced after signups are closed by the organisers.
Outfit teams may be split up in order to preserve balance.
Organizers will make every effort to ensure players/outfits are distributed in a balanced manner.
Air Lead (AL) will be picked on the basis of experience and game knowledge.
The balancing of solo sign ups will happen several weeks before the smash when the outfits have been asked to put up their definitive numbers.
No AL or coAL/aAL will have any influence on the team selection and balancing.
Teams will be announced on Discord as soon as they have been finalized.
Organisers will retain the right to alter teams after the initial balance, either due to dropouts or due to team imbalances.
Organisers hold the right to change anything that might be necessary, even after preparations have begun.

Match Preperation
Before the match, all players have to connect to the Wild Brotherhood Teamspeak ( with their jaeger number in front of their name. (This means if you are PSBx0150NC, you will put a 150 in front of your regular name on Teamspeak, e.g. 0150PaffDaddyTR).
Air Leaders/Squad Leaders are required to show up 1 hour before the match starts.
Players are required to show up about 30 minutes before the match starts.
You will receive your Jaeger accounts as soon as you show up on Teamspeak.
If you didn’t sign up you can still join and sit in the reserves channel and might be assigned to a team if one of their players doesn’t show up.
If you never attended a Jaeger event you can read up here how to access this event server. (Link)
Make sure to never delete a character from the accounts you have been given.

Match Process
Both teams will pull their desired loadouts before the match starts.
The match starts once the anomaly begins. Everyone will start from the Warpgate or their homebase (tbd).
The objective will be to gather as many points as possible in order to win the air anomaly.
Matches will be played as a best of 3, resulting in a maximum of 3 rounds.
There will be a 10-Minute break between 2 rounds. During this time period players are required to return to their Warpgates or home bases.

General Rules
Air Anomalys spawns cannot be altered by Jaeger Admins
NC vs TR
Hyenas on Liberators and Hyenas on Galaxys are banned.
Liberators and Galaxies are to be pulled from the warpgate.
Coyotes and A2A Lockons are allowed.
Factions will be decided by a coin toss (winner picks a faction).
Match played on Amerish.
Max Gals: Teamsize/12
Max Libs: Teamsize/12
Valkyries are banned.
Anti Infantry noseguns are banned.
Only vehicles allowed are Empire Specific Fighters (ESF) such as Reavers or Mosquitos, Liberators and Galaxys.
NO Glitching, exploiting, or sabotage.
NO TKing, ramming, trolling, etc. friendlies before a match.
All implants are permitted.
No Construction allowed
Killing or hacking air terminals on the map is not permitted

Loadout restrictions
NO Use of Infantry Weapons whatsoever. This means no small arms, bail-assault C4, rocklets, rendezooks,rocket launchers (ES and NS) etc.
You are permitted to land and repair.
You are permitted to loadout your Aircraft in any other way you would like that aligns within these restrictions.

Rule Breaking
There will be referees in the match, 1 per platoon.
If you spot someone breaking a rule, NOTE his number, directly contact the referee in the referee channel on teamspeak. If the ref spots the misconduct he will punish the offender.
Punishment is within discretion of referee/organisers and can range from timeouts, bans and other actions.

en resumen solo aéreos, nada de infantería ni tanques, no valquirias, no hienas ni en galaxy ni en liberator
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¿¡Estamos rodeados!? ¡ahora si que no escaparan!


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Re:Air Anomaly Smash
« Respuesta #2 en: Enero 13, 2019, 09:28:14 pm »
yo me apunto aunque sea para dar por culo
¿¡Estamos rodeados!? ¡ahora si que no escaparan!


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Re:Air Anomaly Smash
« Respuesta #3 en: Enero 15, 2019, 12:48:17 pm »
Líder 181 a la espera de ordenes.